Silicon Band Edge Measurements Under Water Interface

It is possible to measure the band edge temperature (BET) of a semiconductor wafer under a transparent liquid surface. The key is in collecting a proper reference, whether through reflection or transmission. In our new application note, we use a kSA BandiT temperature measurement system to show proper measurement of Si wafer temperature while submerged under water.

This application note covers BET measurement in both reflection and transmission. The positive results suggest that the kSA BandiT can easily be used to monitor Si wafer temperature while undergoing an acid etch or other chemical treatment via wafer submersion in a diluted acid or other water-based liquid.

Read the full application note here.

Introducing kSA ICE for MBE

k-Space has expanded its kSA ICE (Ingegrated Control for Epitaxy) capabilities by adding a model designed to work with MBE reactors. Historically, this modular tool was intended for MOCVD temperature, reflectivity, growth rate, film stress, and curvature measurement, as well as process control.

The kSA ICE tool is now available for MBE, with optics customized to accommodate the longer optical path lengths and large substrate wobble often found in MBE systems. This tool can perform continuous reflectivity measurements at a working distance of up to 1m. Although the substrate wobble introduces a considerable amount of variation in the reflectivity signal, kSA ICE is capable of producing excellent results due to its combination of high sensitivity, optimized collection optics, and a very robust reflectivity fitting algorithm. Note that kSA ICE measurements can also be synchronized with the substrate rotation to remove the wobble-induced noise in the reflectivity measurement.

To learn more about kSA ICE for MBE, view the product specifications here.

RHEED Analysis Under Rotation Made Easy with Phase Delay Capability 

As thin-film growers know, getting a clear view of RHEED patterns while the substrate is rotating is not easy. k-Space has answered this age-old problem by integrating a phase delay capability into the kSA 400 analytical RHEED system.

Using this kSA 400 software feature, a rotational home pulse from your reactor, and a trigger cable for your kSA 400 camera, you can synchronize your RHEED pattern acquisition to a particular crystallographic orientation. Once you have selected the azimuthal angle of your choice, the kSA 400 software will only record images at this angle, allowing you to perform real-time analysis on a single zone axis during rotation. To take advantage of this unique feature, contact your kSA representative to discuss your software and hardware compatibility.

Watch the video here to see kSA 400 phase delay capability in action!

k-Space Welcomes New Technical Sales Engineer Chipo Mulaisho! 

k-Space is proud to announce the addition of Chipo Mulaisho as Technical Sales Engineer. Chipo is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he obtained a Masters in Materials Science and Engineering. While at U of M Chipo worked under both Prof. Boukai and Prof. Millunchick on various research projects.

“I am excited to help provide customers with the technical solutions to their problems and help them realize their ambitions by providing the necessary goods and services,” says Chipo. “I am eager to bring my knowledge and enthusiasm to k-Space and hope to become an indispensable part of the sales team while contributing to their continued growth.”

Chipo’s primary focus is on thin-film metrology solutions in North America. He is based out of our Dexter, MI location. Chipo looks forward to hearing from you or meeting you at a trade show!

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