The k-Space intern program provides practical, challenging and hands-on opportunities for STEM students, and this year’s k-Space interns proved up to the task.

Caymen Cline will start his sophomore year at the University of Michigan – Dearborn, working towards a BSE in Computer Engineering.

Jack Crandall is a senior at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and will finish up his BS in Physics with a minor in Mathematics in December. Both interns contributed significantly to production and research projects this summer at k-Space. 

In their own words…


“The project I enjoyed the most by far was programming the Epson T6-602S robot arm to follow the perimeter of a glass panel with an LJ-V7060. The project has been a huge challenge as the LJ-V also has to be collinear with the edge of the glass.”


“The project I’ve enjoyed working on the most was helping construct the low-temperature BandiT station and examining band-edge wavelengths at liquid nitrogen temperatures.”

In addition to their work responsibilities, the interns each delivered a presentation to the company on what they accomplished, how they approached each project, and the challenges they faced.

Best of luck to both Caymen and Jack as they head back to school!

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