kSA BandiT on chamber

k-Space recently added a new kSA BandiT software feature that produces a data stream that emulates the communication protocol of a widely used pyrometer. One of k-Space’s customers needed the ability to change the source that provides temperature data to their growth control software, as the BandiT system is capable of providing more accurate and lower temperature data. They approached us with a request for this capability, and we listened.

Our software engineers worked with the customer to understand their requirements and then implement the necessary communication protocol The implementation was easy for the customer, and they were able to continue their growth process with better temperature input and without changing their growth control software.

Enabling this communication interface simply involves selecting the emulator as the chamber interface in the kSA BandiT software. This is just one example of k-Space’s commitment to our customers — we listen to your requests and find ways to make the changes that simplify your work.

To learn more about the kSA BandiT, visit https://k-space.com/product/bandit/.

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