k-Space Ships Custom In-Line Metrology to Dynamic Glass Manufacturer

k-Space Associates, Inc. is proud to announce the shipment of multiple process control systems that measure color consistency during the production of dynamic glass. This installation is the first of many to a North American manufacturer.

The customized in-line metrology uses optical, non-contact measurement to obtain absolute color parameters, as well as provide feedback for process control for color consistency of the dynamic glass. The tool travels along a vertical, linear stage to obtain a full profile measurement of the glass panels.

Darryl Barlett, CEO of k-Space, says, “We have the metrology and optics knowledge to customize in-line systems to meet the customer’s specific needs. Our ability to provide a customized solution leveraging our in-house staff of scientists, engineers, and software experts has enabled us to both design and manufacture a tool that will give the customer the accurate and reproducible measurement and control that they need to stay on top of their market.”

Dynamic glass is architectural glass with technology that provides energy savings as well as a better light environment to improve the health of building occupants. This type of glass has been installed in airports, offices, and other architectural buildings worldwide.

For more information on k-Space’s customized in-line metrology visit the in-line metrology section of the website

IDL Programming to Customize kSA 400

IDL, short for Interactive Data Language, is a powerful programming language used to process large amounts of data and/or digital images. First developed in the 1970s at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) at the University of Colorado at Boulder, IDL has been widely applied in industries that require high-speed digital image processing and real-time data analysis. Some of the more prominent industries that use IDL are atmospheric physics, space sciences, and medical imaging.

kSA 400 Application Customization is an individually-licensed feature that gives users the flexibility to write their own analysis routines in the IDL programming language, and then have those routines compiled and executed within the kSA 400 measurement loop. We made this capability available for two types of data analysis: Simple two column data (x,y), and images. In either case, if the procedure is written properly and placed in the correct folder location, it will be compiled immediately upon launch of the kSA 400 software and will then appear as a custom analysis filter in the analysis menus.

The kSA 400 is an analytical RHEED system that helps you exploit the information in the RHEED pattern. It combines a state-of-the-art camera with powerful RHEED acquisition and analysis software including the IDL programming option which allows you to customize your analysis even further.

The IDL Customization in kSA 400 application note gives an overview of how to use this feature within the kSA 400 software. Read the full application note here.

New Batch Export Feature Makes kSA Software Even Easier

Many scientists and engineers like to export the raw data collected by their k-Space metrology tools. To further enable these customers, we have added a batch export capability to our entire family of k-Space tools. With this feature, multiple kSA data files can be exported at one time in the user’s choice of output format. This is in addition to the software feature that allows the customer to export their desired data columns and save a custom export template for future use. These two features coupled together enhance our customers’ analysis capabilities even further.

If you are interested in more information on this new software feature, please contact us at [email protected].

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