Gain More Insight Into Your Growth with New kSA Accessory

We are excited to announce the addition of a new accessory, kSA Insight Plus, for our metrology equipment. This tool allows researchers and operators to view their wafers and platen in real-time from within the k-Space software. The imaging system uses a high-resolution color or monochrome camera and is plug-and-play compatible with all k-Space thin-film metrology software. We also offer an LED light ring option to illuminate the inside of your chamber and make the video viewing clear and bright.

k-Space CEO, Darryl Barlett, stated “Several customers have requested the ability to see their wafers and platen on their computer screen during deposition, so we designed this tool to seamlessly integrate with their existing k-Space software. So, whether you are running kSA 400, kSA BandiT, kSA MOS, or kSA ICE, you can seamlessly view your platen and wafers with this plug-in.”

Customers can adapt the accessory to viewports of various sizes, and the included zoom lens allows for focus over a large range of working distances. The live video feature can zoom in or out, and the k-Space software can capture and store full-resolution images at any time. To discover more about kSA Insight, please visit

New References Using k‑Space Metrology in Research

It is always exciting to see the new research that is taking place with k-Space metrology tools as part of the experimentation. This quarter, we have added several new references for kSA 400, kSA BandiT, and kSA MOS.

One article, Band Edge Thermometry for the MBE Growth of HgCdTe-based Materials (Journal of Crystal Growth, 2020), by R. Schlereth, J. Hajer, L. Fürst, S. Schreyeck, H. Buhmann, and L.W. Molenkamp gives an excellent overview of the band edge thermometry technique. The low-growth temperature of HgCdTe materials requires the use of band edge thermometry using metrology equipment such as the patented kSA BandiT. An instrument with accurate measurement capabilities at low temperatures is vital to achieve the quality needed in the small-growth temperature window of these materials. This research shows that band edge thermometry provides a method to control the temperature with high precision and reproducibility, even for challenging narrow-band-gap materials. 

In addition to the article above, here are a few of the other citations that we added.

In situ stress and curvature measurement with the kSA MOS:
In Situ and Real-Time Nanoscale Monitoring of Ultra-Thin Metal Film Growth Using Optical and Electrical Diagnostic Tools
Jonathan Colin, Andreas Jamnig, Clarisse Furgeaud, Anny Michel, Nikolaos Pliatsikas, Kostas Sarakinos, and Gregory Abadias
Nanomaterials 2020, 10(11), 2225;

RHEED analysis with the kSA 400:
Dimensional Stacking for Machine Learning in ToF‐SIMS Analysis of Heterostructures
Kevin Abbasi, Hugh Smith, Matthew Hoffman, Elahe Farghadany, Laura S. Bruckman, and Alp Sehirlioglu
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 10 December 2020

To view a full list of the references, separated by product, visit the Article References page of our website.

New Software Feature Now Available for Copying and Pasting Data that Corresponds to a Chart

k-Space is well known for our powerful analysis software and our commitment to continuously improving the features in our software products. In the newest versions of our software, we have added the ability to copy both charts and the data used to produce the charts into the Windows clipboard.

In prior versions of our software, users could copy the images of the analysis charts and paste them into other applications. We have enhanced this feature to also copy the numerical data associated with the charts. When you paste the data from the clipboard into a text-based application, such as Microsoft Notepad, it will paste the numerical data. When you paste the data into a graphics application, it will paste the image. For Microsoft Word and Excel, you have the option to paste the numerical data or the image. This added flexibility makes it easier to analyze your data outside of the k-Space software programs.

Two New kSA Metrology Tools Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that we have two powerful new metrology tools coming soon. Without going into any of the technical details, here is a sneak peek — one performs real-time flux density measurement, growth rate measurement, and composition control; the other performs film thickness and growth rate measurement for thin or thick films. To receive notice of the product announcements, simply email [email protected] with “I would like the announcements” in the subject line, and we will send you the notice once they are available. 

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