Graduate Program Established by k-Space Co-Founder Continues to Foster Diversity

We wanted to make sure that you saw the recently published Science article entitled, “Michigan’s Surprising Path to Diversity: Black Graduate Students Find a Nurturing Culture in Its Applied Physics Program”. This article features one of k-Space’s co-founders, Roy Clarke, and explains how shortly after joining the University of Michigan (UM) Physics faculty, he noticed that the physics program followed a master-apprentice model, which provided few opportunities for students to branch out. To address this, he created a new graduate program in applied physics at UM. This program takes a more collaborative and interdisciplinary approach and focuses on supporting the students and ensuring that they succeed. This style of learning attracted many students of color, and by 2017, approximately 10% of the Black students in the US who graduated with a Ph.D. in physics were graduates of this program. The program also has impressive student body diversity statistics for other minority races and females. You can read the entire article on Nice work, Roy!

New Communication Output in kSA BandiT

kSA BandiT on chamber

k-Space recently added a new kSA BandiT software feature that produces a data stream that emulates the communication protocol of a widely used pyrometer. One of k-Space’s customers needed the ability to change the source that provides temperature data to their growth control software, as the kSA BandiT system is capable of providing more accurate and lower temperature data. They approached us with a request for this capability, and we listened.

Our software engineers worked with the customer to understand their requirements and then implement the necessary communication protocol. The implementation was easy for the customer, and they were able to continue their growth process with better temperature input and without changing their growth control software.

Enabling this communication interface simply involves selecting the emulator as the chamber interface in the kSA BandiT software. This is just one example of k-Space’s commitment to our customers — we listen to your requests and find ways to make the changes that simplify your work.

To learn more about the kSA BandiT, visit the kSA BandiT webpage.

Software Upgrade Discount and Tech Support Update

We want to let you know that k-Space will be discontinuing support for kSA metrology systems with computers running Windows 7 or earlier versions of the OS, effective April 20, 2022. It has simply become too difficult for k-Space to try to support the hardware interfacing on these earlier Windows versions. Running your kSA software on the Windows 10 platform ensures continued Microsoft support, enables the use of modern hardware and connectivity protocols, improves 3rd party software compatibility, and makes it easier for k-Space to support our customers.

Note that our customers continue to have access to the k-Space Knowledge Base 24 hours per day. It includes troubleshooting solutions, FAQs, and videos that provide information and procedures related to the different k-Space metrology tools. If you don’t have the login information email us at [email protected] and we will send it to you.

To help our customers who are affected by this announcement, we are offering a 20% discount, through April 20, 2022, on software upgrades for your kSA software. Depending on your current hardware configuration, you may need to upgrade specific hardware to ensure driver compatibility with Windows 10. We will determine if that is necessary when you contact us for a quotation request for your software upgrade. To receive the fastest turnaround for a quotation, please email [email protected] and include either the number printed or written on your software sentinel key or the system serial number found on your control rack.

We look forward to working with you in the future!

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