Check out the kSA XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence). Designed primarily for glass and solar panel inspection applications, the kSA XRF measures the layer thickness of film on glass and solar panels at levels that are too thin for reliable optical measurements.

kSA XRF highlights:

  • Allows for the measurement of dielectric coatings that are too thin for optical measurements, such as those that are thinner than 100 nm.
  • Can measure the thickness of thin metal films on various substrates.
  • Real-time data analysis helps users immediately identify defects in the coating thickness while providing feedback control.
  • In-process QC validation ensures that coating thickness is within tolerances. 

Its straightforward functionality requires little to no operator interaction and only occasional operator calibration. 

New kSA 400 Features

RHEED system on a chamber

1. Incremental Storage 
The kSA 400 now supports writing the acquired data to the hard disk in increments during acquisition, instead of storing all data in RAM and waiting until the acquisition is complete before writing to disk.

2. Gun Control Adjustments 
Users can now increment/decrement gun control settings in 0.1 intervals by holding down the CTRL key while clicking the UP/DOWN control arrows in the Gun Control window.

3. Movie Image Size Scaling 
The kSA 400 now allows users to change the image size when acquiring a movie. To configure this feature, click the Advanced button in the data acquisition window and then specify the image size on the Movie Storage tab.

Even Better Support

Exciting news! k-Space has implemented FreshDesk, a new helpdesk suite that will enhance the quality of our already top-notch customer support. We have also hired a Technical Support Manager, Jason Owen, to oversee our support efforts. He brings 20+ years of experience in support management to the team.

k-Space is well known for its stellar technical support and we will continue to 100% manage, maintain, and fulfill all support issues. FreshDesk provides improved tracking and reporting, plus new collaboration tools. Email and FreshDesk will automatically create your ticket. Our team will begin looking into your concern right away and follow through until the issue is resolved.

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The k-Space Knowledge Base is filled with troubleshooting advice, a helpful video library, tricks of the trade, and much more. Check it out! It’s a really great tool and all free of charge to k-Space customers. Email us for login information.

Positive Feedback

We love it when customers and partners send us glowing reviews. These are two recent ones: 

“(We have) been very satisfied with the performance of all kSA’s products. Moreover, kSA has provided exceptional technical support for the tools they have shipped to us and our customers.”


“Based on kSA’s longstanding track-record of providing high-performance metrology tools and superior technical knowledge, we would highly recommend working with the kSA team for metrology solutions.” 

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If you have suggestions for trade shows, events, or workshops k-Space should support, send us an email. We consider every suggestion. As you can tell from the recent AVS 68 event, the k-Space booth is always popular. Metrology is cool!

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