DEXTER, MI, March 16, 2022 – k-Space Associates, Inc. is excited to share that they shipped a custom metrology system that measures thin-film thickness for vertically loaded samples. k-Space developed this tool in response to a customer inquiry — the customer needed inline metrology to measure the film thickness of their 2-sided coatings that would also integrate with their manufacturing execution system (MES).

The customer wanted the output of the inline measurement system to feed into their MES for real-time monitoring and quality control. k-Space designed a system that takes spectral transmission measurements and feeds them into their proprietary thin-film modeling and fitting software to perform the desired film-stack measurement calculations. The system provides real-time measurement results and stores the data in k-Space proprietary-format files, .txt files, and .sql files for database storage and manipulation.

CEO Darryl Barlett states, “We always appreciate the opportunity to help our customers find solutions for their specific metrology needs. Our engineers like the challenge of adapting our existing technology to fit unique customer applications. This project is a great example of how we collaborate with our customers throughout the development process to come up with the perfect solution.”

k-Space is known for providing exceptional custom thin-film metrology solutions that provide accurate real-time measurements and integrate into quality control systems.

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About k-Space Associates, Inc.
k-Space Associates, Inc. ( is a leading supplier of advanced metrology instrumentation and software used in research and production facilities around the world. Founded in 1992, its thin-film metrology systems monitor wafer and thin-film temperature, stresscurvature, bow, deposition rate, thickness, reflectivity, spectral reflectance and transmission, and Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED). Researchers and manufacturers use our ex situ and in situ systems for development, monitoring, and process control applications. Through extensive customer input, close collaboration with its worldwide customer base, and a strong commitment to unparalleled technical support, k-Space has developed today’s most powerful thin-film metrology tools.

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