k-Space Associates, Inc. is excited to announce the release of kSA SpectR, a complete non-contact metrology solution for measuring absolute spectral reflectance, L*a*b* color parameters, and growth rate. This tool has many applications for in situ monitoring and process control, including vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs), distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs), and other complex device structures. Thin-film production and research facilities can use it in sputtering, MBE, and MOCVD growth methods.

The kSA SpectR optics are configured in a specular reflectance geometry. k-Space utilizes a method that was developed at Sandia National Laboratory and is licensed to k-Space. In this approach, the fitting routine restarts with each new layer, treating the underlying film stack as a “virtual” substrate. The kSA SpectR can perform measurements simultaneously at multiple wavelengths, each of which offers potential advantages. This tool easily measures custom spectral features such as reflectance minima, maxima, inflection points, or baseline scatter level, over a user-defined wavelength range of interest.

Darryl Barlett, CEO of k-Space, stated, “This tool, like many of our tools, is the direct result of a specific customer need. When the customer came to us, we listened to their measurement requirements and then designed a system, incorporating Sandia National Laboratory’s technology, that worked for their application. As the complexity of thin-film layers advances, so does the need for metrology that measures the right parameters for yield and performance. This system has the capability to work on complex thin-film structures, including applications such as precisely determining the Fabry-Perot dip during DBR growth.”

To learn more about the kSA Spectra, visit https://k-space.com/product/ksa-spectr/.

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