k-Space is currently going through the latest review and updates of our ESD Controls. ESD, or electrostatic discharge, is the rapid transfer from one object to another of static electricity. ESD can damage electrical components. Providing ongoing training and review of ESD Controls reduces the risk of ESD damage to production and service parts across k-Space facilities.

The k-Space ESD Control Program consists of:

  • ESD training
  • ESD controls
  • EPA identification
  • Staff responsibilities
  • Preventative maintenance, and
  • Ongoing audits

Training also focuses on the different types of ESD damage. Plus, awareness of EOS — electrostatic overstress — and its many causes.

ESD training is required of all production and engineering staff, and strongly encouraged for all others. It communicates ESD controls and responsibilities of k-Space staff, including our ESD control program requirements.

Training of production, engineering, and support staff in ESD awareness and controls is just one part of our ESD Control Program, but an important one. According to Doug Knoll, k-Space Quality Control Manager, “staff are very engaged in the ESD training. During training sessions, they always ask great questions.”

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