Atomic Absorption Detector

Metrology manufacturer, k-Space Associates, Inc., is proud to introduce their newest thin-film metrology product, kSA ACE (Atomic Control for Epitaxy).

k-Space engineers designed this tool with input from scientists in the research and production communities to provide an accurate and high-resolution in situ instrument that monitors flux and growth rate of atomic species, using the principle of atomic absorption spectroscopy. The kSA ACE uses conventional hollow cathode lamps (HCLs) to generate the atomic emission for the elements of interest. The instrument utilizes two high-sensitivity, UV-optimized solid-state spectrometers — one to monitor the absorption and the other to monitor signal drift from the HCLs.

The kSA ACE can measure each material of interest independently and with high accuracy, providing precise control over material-specific flux in multi-source processes. This tool is ideal for applications in the fabrication of III-V and II-V compounds, semiconductor devices, thin film sensors, solar cells, optical coatings, x-ray optics, flat panel displays, and more.

Darryl Barlett, CEO of k-Space Associates, Inc., stated, “When we learned that there was a demand for a highly sensitive flux monitoring tool with long term repeatability under continuous operation, we collaborated with the scientific community to develop the kSA ACE to provide them with the stability and resolution that they need. It’s been a challenging product to develop, but we’re very happy with the end result and are looking forward to seeing it in operation on deposition tools across the globe.”

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