The k-Space Production team. Putting light to work since 1992!

k-Space thin-film and industrial metrology tools are used worldwide, in both research and production. The k-Space Production team helps make this possible.

From custom building your metrology tool to 3D-printing accessories, to coordinating with your suppliers, to packaging and shipping. The k-Space Production team takes what you and our physicists and engineers envision and makes it real. The Production team has shipped thousands of thin-film and industrial metrology systems around the world.

At k-Space, we work closely with our global customer base to design, develop, test, and build the world’s most advanced metrology tools. The Production team makes sure each system is built to your specifications, is built to last, and arrives at your location on time.

Our Production team tests, packs, and ships your metrology system. This includes the lenses, lamps, viewports, cameras, assemblies, the rack and framing, software, hard drives, cables, power supply, fiber, spectrometers—everything in a single tool that will integrate into your current environment and master your measurement challenge.

The k-Space Production team is headed up by our Production Manager, Doug Perry. Doug has been with k-Space for 23 years.

Production at k-Space works closely with:

  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Purchasing

And with you.

k-Space has been building advanced metrology tools for over 30 years. The k-Space Production team is a unique resource others cannot match.

Thin Film and Industrial Metrology Systems

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