In an article for Glass Magazine this month, k-Space discussed some of the measurement, quality, and manufacturing process challenges facing the glass industry — and how metrology tools can help.

“Metrology is a results-driven approach that ensures glass products consistently meet both quality and throughput requirements.”

Common measurement challenges facing the glass industry include:

  • Glass Breakage and Defect Detection
  • Edge Inspection for Glass
  • Color Calibration
  • Film and Coating Thickness
  • Spectral Reflectance

The article examines each of these glass inspection challenges. Then reveals the ways that metrology can help solve them.

“Metrology for glass and thin film combines state-of-the-art light sources, lasers, optics and detectors coupled with advanced software algorithms and machine learning to measure and analyze a variety of signals and features.”

As the article states, k-Space metrology tools for glass defect detection deliver the actionable insight that today’s manufacturers require. The video below, for example, shows how edge inspection for glass and solar panels can detect small chips, cracks or other debris and abnormalities along the edge, as well as measure sub-millimeter changes in panel thickness.

This saves on costs, downtime, and can improve throughput and shop floor safety.

To find out more about glass and solar panel inspection tools, contact a k-Space engineer today. You can also download the article.

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