The kSA Glass Breakage & Defect Detection tool is a vision-based metrology system that determines Go/No-Go (Pass/Fail) conditions for every glass lite and panel it inspects inline during processing. The tool accomplishes this by comparing coated or uncoated glass lites and panels against user-defined parameters and tolerances in a master specification reference to identify defects such as cracks, chips, scratches, digs, and pinholes.

The kSA 400 combines a high-resolution, high-speed, and high-sensitivity camera with sophisticated RHEED-specific acquisition and analysis software. This flexible system enables the analysis of virtually any image feature and, with one of many additional options, controls the electron gun for such tasks as acquiring RHEED rocking curves.

Watch this video to see how to batch export images with the kSA 400 RHEED analysis system. This software feature makes exporting multiple images at once happen with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Introducing absolute reflectivity mapping and thickness mapping, now available with the kSA MOS UltraScan.

Watch the auto exposure control demonstration on the kSA 400 Analytical RHEED system. The intensity is never lost as it increases or decreases because the exposure time automatically adjusts. The intensity is also scaled with the exposure time so the absolute intensity is always known and recorded.

Check out how much light comes from a GaN-LED that is still in wafer form (no circuitry yet).  Only ~ 3.5V and very little current was applied – that’s some serious blue light!  Lots of light and very little power required – that’s the real power of LED’s.

kSA MOS technology measures the stress, strain and curvature of thin films in situ, during the thin-film deposition or thermal annealing process.

Bob Sacks, Director of MBE at Picometrix, explains MBE and using the kSA 400 as a way to “spray paint with atoms.”

Inside the development of the industry-leading wafer temperature measurement system.

See the kSA 400 in action as Bob Sacks, Director of MBE at Picometrix, describes how he uses the kSA 400 for growth rate monitoring on a daily basis.

See both the kSA 400 and kSA BandiT in action on a Veeco GEN III MBE reactor.

Watch the kSA RateRat monitor the growth of a single transparent film on a transparent substrate, viewed at normal incidence.

Real-time thickness measurement of GaAs from below-gap interference fringes.

Watch the kSA BandiT measure the temperature ramp of GaAs from room temperature to 340ºC.

Thin Film and Industrial Metrology Systems

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