The kSA SpectR is an optically-based real-time wafer and film spectral reflectance monitor used for monitoring thin-film deposition and processing. Let the light give you insight into your process!

Spectral Reflectance Thin Film MetrologyThe kSA SpectR is a complete metrology solution for measurement of absolute spectral reflectance, growth rate and end point detection. Custom spectral features such as reflectance minima, maxima, inflection points, or baseline scatter level, over a user defined wavelength range of interest, are easily measured. When monitored as a function of time during deposition, the film growth rate can also be determined. The kSA SpectR optics are typically configured in a specular reflection geometry. The wavelength range for the kSA SpectR can be specified by the user, but typical ranges include 380-1100nm and 890-1650nm. The kSA SpectR is typically used to monitor thin-film deposition and processing of VCSELS, DBRs, and other complex device structures. Typical deposition methods include MBE, MOCVD, and sputtering.

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