Real-time absolute temperature measurement of standard semiconductor substrates like GaAs, InP, and Si, as well as wide bandgap substrates transparent in the IR (including GaN, SiC, ZnO, AlN, Ga2O3 and SrTiO3). Go where pyrometers can’t!


The kSA BandiT is a non-contact, non-invasive, real-time, absolute wafer and thin-film temperature monitoring tool used during thin-film deposition and thermal processing. Using the temperature-dependent optical absorption edge inherent in semiconductor materials, kSA BandiT provides semiconductor temperature monitoring in ranges that pyrometers cannot measure: substrates transparent in the infrared (including GaN, SiC, ZnO, AlN, Ga2O3 and SrTiO3), as well as low temperature monitoring, e.g. low temperature GaAs, InP, and Si deposition. This includes room temperature wafer measurements. Furthermore, kSA BandiT is immune to changing viewport transmission, stray light, and signal contribution from substrate or source heaters, all sources of measurement error for pyrometers.

BandiT on ChamberCombined with its patented blackbody emission monitor, kSA BandiT has the ability to monitor the full range of temperatures for most substrate materials, including low band-gap substrates and metal films. Finally, because kSA BandiT uses a solid-state spectrometer, real-time film thickness and surface roughness can also be measured.


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Film Thickness and Roughness Measurement

Because a solid-state spectrometer is used with the kSA BandiT system, the full diffuse spectra is obtained. This spectra contains a wealth of information in addition to the material absorption edge. By analyzing the below gap interference fringes, the total film thickness can be very accurately determined. By analyzing the above gap scatter signal, changes in roughness can be easily monitored. Combined with real-time temperature measurement, kSA BandiT offers a very powerful in situ monitoring tool for your thin-film deposition and processing needs.

What You Get With a kSA BandiT System


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