The glass industry has its own unique set of requirements that k-Space’s glass metrology can accommodate. There are needs for edge inspection, broken glass detection, glass thickness calculation, as well as film thickness, spectral reflectance, absorption, color (L*a*b*) measurement, to name some of the metrology needs.  

Using state-of-the-art lasers, light sources, machine vision technology, and other tools, our product engineers, software engineers, and physicists can develop a solution that measures your specific need for glass inspection. This leads to better quality control, which in turn leads to happier end-use customers and improved yield. 

The glass industry is continuously evolving and creating new products that are more energy efficient and that provide a healthier environment for building occupants, such as dynamic glass. When customers use our tools for applications such as these, they can be assured that each panel has an accurate measurement for color, reflectance, and other properties, which results in the best end product possible. Our tools also aid in the development of new processes and allow for the process optimization to keep costs down and quality high.

Each glass fabricator or manufacturer has their own set of manufacturing issues where they want to improve the yield or quality. Bring your glass measurement challenge to us, and we will engineer a custom metrology solution for you.

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