Determine total film thickness and film roughness after coating. Ensures consistency across all glass lites and panels.


The Inline Film Thickness and Roughness metrology tool is a post-coater metrology tool that analyzes the below-gap spectral interference fringes to determine the total film thickness.  In addition, it determines film roughness by inspecting the envelope of the interference spectra.


  • The system performs final film thickness and surface roughness measurements after the  coating has been applied.
  • The software utilizes proprietary k-Space spectral fringe analysis.
  • Typical systems include 2 probes per tool (left channel and right channel).
  • The inline tool includes inline sapphire references that sit approximately 2mm below the bottom surface of the panels. 
  • The spectrometers are Flat-Field-Corrected (FFC) to ensure proper roughness measurement and tool-to-tool roughness matching.
  • The tool detects panels through a threshold signal level (peak intensity of raw spectrometer signal).
Thin Film and Industrial Metrology Systems

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