Custom measurements and software integration. Measure and control uniformity, dimensions, surface characteristics and more.

animated in-line metrology

For industrial applications, k-Space is known for its ability to provide robust data and analysis for in-line solutions in production environments. k-Space works side by side with the customer to understand their specific measurement and inspection needs, and then develops a custom solution to meet the identified requirements. Our solution includes custom measurement technology, software, database generation and integration, go/no go determination, pick and place, alarm status, and PLC communication.

k-Space focuses on non-contact, non-intrusive measurement techniques. Our probes are optically based, and our measurement sources are typically white light, filtered light, LEDs, or lasers. Our detectors are typically area cameras, line scan cameras, photodetectors, CMOS position-sensitive detectors (PSDs), and spectrometers. We have been manufacturing state-of-the-art metrology tools since 1992.

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Thin Film and Industrial Metrology Systems

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