Harness the power of this patented technology to improve your process control. Measure and control uniformity, thickness, band gap, temperature, surface roughness and more.


k-Space manufactures state-of-the-art in situ, real-time thin-film deposition monitoring tools, and has
over 25 years of experience in the thin-film metrology field. The application of these proven kSA technologies to in-line PV manufacturing was a natural extension of our product line, as the most promising PV materials are based on thin-film semiconductor materials. Thin-film thickness, uniformity, band gap, and other physical properties are all critical parameters which influence PV device performance and can now be measured during the process. kSA BandiT PV technology is based on real-time spectroscopy of diffusely reflected light from a semiconductor as measured in-line during PV panel manufacturing.

A broadband light source supplies the light which is focused onto the sample. The diffusely reflected light is then collected at a non-specular angle using a lens system. The light is coupled to a high-speed, solid-state spectrometer which is then analyzed in real-time for isolating optical metrics of interest. kSA BandiT PV is applicable to materials which are deposited onto glass, metal back-coated, flexible, or directly onto semiconductor substrates. All components used are solid state, with no moving parts, to ensure highest performance and reliability.

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Key Parameters

Key parameters which are measured by BandiT PV to increase performance and yield are:

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