Glass Inspection

The glass industry has its own unique set of requirements that k-Space’s glass metrology can accommodate.

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Solar Panel Inspection

The solar industry is quite competitive and with that comes the need for thin film solar companies to continuously improve their processes and products.

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Color Measurement

Ensure color uniformity for every glass panel. Perform color measurement with absolute calibration. The kSA Color Measurement tool measures the actual RGB pixel value and matches it against the known […]

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Industrial Framing Solutions

At k-Space, we offer custom framing solutions to ensure our metrology tools will all run perfectly in your work environment, right from the start. There are now no barriers to […]

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Automotive Inspection

With the competitiveness of the automotive parts industry, keeping costs down and quality high is key to success.  Our machine visioning and laser dimension expertise enables us to create custom […]

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Defect Inspection

For manufacturers, fewer things are worse than sending a customer a defective part. Implementing the right industrial metrology in your process will help alleviate this quality control issue and improve […]

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Industrial Inspection

Every industry has need for measurement. k-Space’s high-tech, non-contact, optical inline metrology is all custom designed, making it the ideal solution for precise dimensional measurements, as well as visual inspection. […]

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Factory Integration

Customers don’t need just a tool; they need a system that works with their existing infrastructure. k-Space’s team of software engineers is skilled at factory integration and can design the […]

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Custom Solutions

Advanced process control and real-time data processing capabilities are more important than ever in today’s manufacturing environments. k-Space has provided customized metrology solutions to do just that for a variety […]

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Thin Film and Industrial Metrology Systems

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