kSA RateRat Pro is a compact, convenient and easy-to-use optical metrology tool for thin-film characterization. Its unique capability is to measure, in situ and in real-time, optical constants (n and k), deposition rate and film thickness.

kSA RateRat is a compact and easy-to-use optical metrology tool for real-time thin-film process control and measurement of semitransparent films. It uses a proprietary algorithm which continuously updates the optical constants of the film derived from a least-squares fit to the optical reflectivity curve. kSA RateRat determines deposition rate, layer thickness, and optical constants (n and k) with as little as 600 Å of material deposited. kSA RateRat has many options to suit the needs of different applications and materials, including different laser/LED wavelengths (405, 532, 658, 950, and 1050 nm), as well as software integration capabilities. kSA RateRat is compatible with essentially any type of deposition method, including MBE, MOCVD, sputtering, and PLD. Research labs, processing facilities and industrial production where dielectric and semiconductor films and coatings need to be deposited with high precision all benefit from this tool.

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