k-Space and its staff hold multiple patents related to thin-film metrology. We are the leading manufacturer of in-line, in situ, and ex situ metrology tools for the semiconductor and thin-film industries.

Thin Film Metrology Patents

PatentProducts Covered by PatentPatent Issue Date
Non-Contact, Optical Sensor for Synchronizing to Free Rotating Sample Platens with Asymmetry kSA BandiT


US 13/691,829 · Filed Dec 2, 2012
Blackbody Fitting for Temperature DeterminationkSA BandiT

kSA BandiT - Blackbody Temperature Measurement

kSA BandiT - Blackbody Fitting for Temperature Determination
US 8,282,273 B2 · Issued Oct 9, 2012
Real-Time Temperature, Optical Band Gap, Film Thickness, and Surface Roughness Measurement for Thin Films Applied to Transparent SubstrateskSA BandiT

US 61/362,938 · Filed Jul 9, 2011
Apparatus and Method for Real-Time Measurement of Substrate Temperatures for Use in Semiconductor Growth and Wafer ProcessingkSA ICE

kSA BandiT
US 7,837,383 B2 · Issued Nov 23, 2010
Thin-Film Temperature Measurement via Band Edge Thermometry with Thickness Correction kSA BandiT

US 61/218,523 · Filed Jul 9, 2010
Curvature/Tilt Metrology Tool with Closed Loop Feedback Control kSA MOS

kSA MOS UltraScan

kSA MOS ThermalScan

US 7,391,523 B1 · Issued Jun 24, 2008

k-Space metrology products are installed in over 1,000 universities, research labs, and production facilities around the world. Including at leading semiconductor chip makers, solar panel manufacturers, and glass manufacturing companies. You will also find k-Space thin-film metrology tools referenced in hundreds of scholarly and industry research articles.

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