U.S. Congresswoman Tours k-Space

k‑Space was pleased to host Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and provide her a tour of our facilities. Representative Dingell learned first-hand how k-Space metrology tools support critical manufacturing advances, including growing the semiconductor and solar panel industries in America.

k‑Space CEO Darryl Barlett led the tour, and said “we are very thankful for her visit and appreciate her energy and support of Michigan-made technology businesses.”

At the conclusion of the tour, Congresswoman Dingell held an impromptu Q&A session with k‑Space staff. Questions ranged from how the CHIPS Act will support metrology advances, to the importance of solar power, to the national security benefits of making semiconductor chips in the US.

Solving Your Glass Inspection Challenges

k-Space glass metrology tools combine state-of-the-art light sources, lasers, optics, and detectors, coupled with advanced software algorithms and machine learning to measure and analyze a variety of signals and features.

Glass Magazine asked k‑Space for guidance on the pressing QC challenges facing glass manufacturers, especially as they seek to develop new products and increase output.  

These challenges include:

  1. Glass breakage and defect detection
  2. Edge inspections
  3. Color calibration
  4. Film and coating thickness
  5. Spectral reflectance

The article examines the solutions to each of these glass inspection challenges. Check it out.

The kSA Glass Breakage & Defect Detection tool.


“Mr. Ji” of Jung Won Corporation, our sales representative for Korea, had a very busy January, exhibiting at both the Korean Conference on Semiconductors and SEMICON Korea. Mr. Ji welcomed the opportunity to provide hands-on demonstrations of our kSA MOS UltraScan to scientists and executives at some of the world’s leading semiconductor chip companies.

k‑Space Now Sells Direct in Europe

k-Space has historically relied on distributors to sell our products outside the US. Going forward, we will sell direct to customers in Europe. Customers in Europe can now contact k-Space directly, at any time, and together we will determine the optimal metrology solution for your unique measurement challenge. Note: OEMs that integrate k-Space tools into their systems will continue to sell our products via their sales channels. 

We want to again thank Richard Thomson and his team at RTA Instruments for helping grow our customer base throughout Europe. Richard closed RTA at the end of 2023, retiring after more than 20 years of successful thin-film metrology sales. 

Real-Time Insight Into Your Deposition Process

Many of our customers want to monitor the wafer on their computer screen as film layers are being deposited. Done! With kSA Insight Plus, you get a real-time view into your deposition process. kSA Insight Plus fits on multiple size viewports, including 2.75”, 4.5”, 6”, and 8” diameters. Find out more here

Solar Panel Inspection for More and Better Solar Panels

Demand for solar panels continues to soar. At the big Intersolar show in San Diego earlier this year, we built a demonstration unit to show exactly how our solar panel inspection solutions improve product quality and increase throughput. The number of solar panel manufacturers and service providers at the show was impressive. And made the trip from wintry Michigan to sunny San Diego totally worth it!

k-Space solar inspection tools measure for breakages, cracks, defects on the edge, coating thickness, surface roughness, and more. Contact a sales engineer today to learn more. And download our product catalog.

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