k-Space has always focused on providing our customers the best metrology tools in the industry. But our customer service does not end when we sell a product. We are always available for questions and technical support on every tool we sell. In fact, the engineers who design and build the tools and software routinely respond directly to customers with solutions to their specific requests, so our customers get the help they need right from the experts.

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to support our customers. This led to the creation of the k-Space Knowledge Base. This self-service support tool provides our customers with convenient, 24/7 access to information and procedures related to the different k-Space metrology tools. The information in the knowledge base articles is based on actual customer support questions we have received over the years. These include troubleshooting solutions, FAQs, and videos that help our customers find the answers they need.

k-Space Knowledge Base

Access to the k-Space Knowledge Base requires a username and password. We are happy to provide login credentials to any of our customers. If you are a k-Space customer and would like access to the Knowledge Base, please contact us.

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