Measures the edge profile of a glass lite or panel as it travels through the process line. Scans clear or coated glass of thicknesses ranging from 2 to 12 mm.


The Edge Profile tool is a non-contact, inline glass metrology tool that measures the edge profile of a glass lite or panel. It utilizes a high-resolution 406 nm laser to measure the edge profile of a glass lite or panel as it travels through the process line, while using the software to compare the profile to a master reference profile for compliance. In addition, this tool has the ability to detect chips, cracks, debris, dual pane offset, and shiners on the production line, providing improved real-time quality control.


  • The main parameters measured with this tool are edge radius of curvature, chip and crack detection and size, and debris detection. 
  • The system uses mountable, custom gauge blocks to calibrate each head for height and radius of curvature measurement.
  • The tool detects panels through a threshold signal level (peak intensity from reflected laser line profile).
  • Standard systems include 2 probes per tool.    



  • Real-time visual and data comparison of glass edge radius profiles and other edge parameters against a master reference profile allows for in-process lite and panel validation and QC.
  • Inline identification of edge defects (chips, shiners, etc.) reduces the chance of downstream glass breakage and yield losses.
  • Customizable software simplifies the processes by allowing users to enable the specific features that apply to their particular processes.
  • The ability to see changes in profile quality enables early detection of grinder wheel wear, which allows for proactive replacement and prevents non-compliant product from entering the process flow.


  • Scans clear or coated glass of thicknesses ranging from 2 to 12 mm
  • Scans single glass lites or multiple glass panel assemblies with interlayers (glass offset)
  • Includes a built-in calibration process
  • Uses a customizable master radius reference from a control sample to determine pass/fail limits
  • Scans short-edge and long-edge leading profiles (with 90-degree conveyance systems) for full glass profile characterization (4 sensors)
    • Standard system includes 2 sensors
  • Allows for quick and accurate glass thickness calibration using adjustable gauge mounts
  • Identifies inline Panel IDs/Barcodes
  • Measures panel width, length, and squareness with 4 sensor system
  • Inspects lites and panels to rapidly detect non-compliant edge defects (chips, digs, cracks, and debris) based on preset limits
  • Captures, analyzes, and stores data using proprietary k-Space software
  • System includes custom frame for your conveyance/factory configuration, standalone electronics cabinet with light tower, and controller


  • Fully customizable user interface and data acquisition to meet user needs
  • Capable of acquiring and analyzing data from the live source previously saved data file
  • Able to characterize full line glass lite and panel profiles (all 4 sides) and display quantitative data by panel
  • Capable of filtering or smoothing data using a variety of smoothing and averaging filters
  • Ability to write to SQL database and standalone k-Space data files for off-line analysis with statistical software tools, such as JMP


  • The tool uses two (2) 406 nm laser line profilometers, mounted on the side of the conveyance system, to detect glass lites and panels through a threshold signal level (peak intensity of reflected laser line profile from the glass edge).
  • The signals then produce real-time edge radius and other measurement parameter feedback through k-Space’s proprietary software.
  • Users can compare the acquired data against a saved master profile to determine in real-time the pass/fail status of a glass lite or panel. Users can also save the data off-line for deeper QC analysis of the desired datasets.
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