k-Space is pleased to announce that Michigan Works! has awarded us a competitive employee training grant. This grant helps Michigan’s employers grow the talent they need to expand production, while also ensuring employees gain the skills they need for in-demand technical jobs. 

The Mackinac Bridge connects the Upper and Lower peninsulas of the State of Michigan.

The award to k-Space provides classroom training for specific technical skills. These include blueprint reading, global dimensioning and tolerancing, advanced product quality planning, measurement systems analysis, lean manufacturing, soldering and cable assembly, and supply chain management. As part of the program, k-Space will share employee “Impact Stories.” These stories offer employees an opportunity to share how the training they receive supports their career. Twenty-six k-Space employees will receive training through Michigan Works!

k-Space has its scientists, engineers, software teams, support staff, and production teams all co-located together. No functions are outsourced. This collaboration enhances new product design, ensures the best quality products, and makes for better customer service and sales support.

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