A schematic of the atomic absorption spectroscopy technique for monitoring source flux.

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy – k-Space Awarded $1.2M SBIR Phase II from the U.S. DOE

We are pleased to announce that we received a $1.2M Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The purpose is to develop an “Advanced, High-Sensitivity, Multi-Species, In Situ Film Growth Monitor Utilizing Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy”. Phase I of the project was successfully completed by k-Space in November, 2015. Under Phase I, a prototype Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) instrument was developed and tested on a sputter deposition system at Argonne National Laboratory. The instrument to be commercialized will provide real-time atomic flux measurements to enable high-accuracy film growth control during the deposition of a broad variety of thin-film materials.

Read more here.

MOS DiagramA Practical Guide to kSA MOS

Do you wonder how other people are measuring stress or what research and development applications are making use of the kSA MOS technology? Professor Jason Nicholas, a kSA customer at Michigan State University, has written a practical guide to kSA MOS. This guide describes the use kSA MOS for measuring film stress in dense film/dense substrate bilayers and porous film/dense substrate bilayers in a furnace.

Find the complete article here: J.D. Nicholas, Practical considerations for reliable stress and oxygen surface exchange coefficients from bilayer curvature relaxation measurements, Extreme Mechanics Letters (2016)

Calculus Visitk-Space Teaches Future Scientists the Importance of Calculus

k-Space hosted the local Dexter High School AP calculus students for its annual “Calculus is Great” field trip. Four k-Spacers showed the students how calculus is utilized in our measurement tools. Examples included finding the band edge position in diffuse reflectance spectra, and determining film thickness from analyzing spectral interference fringes. Thank goodness (and Isaac Newton) for calculus!

EricA Familiar Face Partners With k-Space

k-Space is pleased to announce the formal partnership and representative agreement with Torvac, a leading manufacturer’s technical sales and support company for over 20 years, located in St. Paul Minnesota. Torvac was recently acquired by Eric Friedman, k-Space’s former Sales and Marketing Director for over 9 years.

This direct experience with k-Space customers and in-depth product knowledge will be leveraged and will result in easy communications and excellent support for all customers in the region. Customer support has always been a top priority for k-Space and the experience and product knowledge Torvac brings was a key driver in forming our agreement.

The primary states Torvac will serve are Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, North and South Dakota, Indiana, and Nebraska. This means even better service for you, whether you are inside or outside of his territory. For our customers in this territory, Eric will be contacting you shortly to introduce himself again, but always feel free to contact him any time at the following:

Eric Friedman
Main Office: (763) 544-0888
E-mail:  efriedman@torvac.com
Mobile:  (651) 402-1053
Website: www.torvac.com

kSA EmployeesSilicon Valley Technical Sales Engineer

k-Space is looking to hire a technical sales engineer, ideally residing in or near Silicon Valley (southern San Francisco Bay area in California) to represent its thin-film metrology tools on the West Coast.

k-Space is a small, high-tech company looking for a creative, positive, energetic, career-oriented person to join our team. Candidates should have experience in the semiconductor industry and a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering.  The position includes a competitive salary and full benefits. If you know of an ideal candidate in this geographical area, please refer them to our website for more information: https://k-space.com/company/careers/.

kSA Tradeshow BoothCome Visit Us a These Upcoming Events!

18th International Conference on Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (ICMOVPE XVIII) – July 10-15, 2016 – San Diego, CA, USA

19th International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE 2016) – Sept. 4-9, 2016 – Montpellier, France

Japan Society of Applied Physics – 77th Fall Meeting 2016 (JSAP 2016 Fall Meeting) – Sept. 13-16, 2016 – Toki Messe, Japan

32nd North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy Conference (NAMBE 2016) – Sept. 18-21, 2016 – Saratoga Springs, NY, USA

Stress Evolution in Thin Films and Coatings from Fundamental Understanding to Control, Joint ICMCTF-SVC Workshop (Stress 2016) – Oct. 2-5, 2016 – Rosemont, IL, USA

International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors (IWN 2016) – Oct. 2-7, 2016 – Orlando, FL, USA

For more events, visit k-space.com.

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