k-Space was happy to host visitors from R-DEC earlier this week. R-DEC is the exclusive distributor of k-Space thin-film metrology tools in Japan.

Our relationship with R-DEC goes back 18 years. And during their recent visit, we extended–and expanded–our partnership.

The market for k-Space thin-film metrology tools continues to grow worldwide. Innovations in thin-film materials and semiconductor chips demand the newest and best metrology tools. During their visit, k-Space and R-DEC expanded their long-time distributor agreement to include the kSA Emissometer and kSA ACE, used for high-resolution growth rate monitoring, and the kSA SpectR, an optical-based tool for monitoring thin-film deposition.

R-DEC now offers all k-Space thin-film metrology tools.

Kenji Takasu and Kazuhito Matsuzaki of R-DEC getting trained on the kSA Emissometer, one of several k-Space metrology tools they received training on during their recent stay.

R-DEC also received hands-on training of our newest semiconductor metrology tools. And they got to work directly with our software team, engineers, physicists, and production crew. Through our combined efforts, k-Space metrology tools are used in universities, research labs, and by cutting-edge manufacturers throughout Japan.

But their trip wasn’t only business. k-Space showed our R-DEC friends around Dexter, Ann Arbor, and the University of Michigan. We also made sure they took in a visit to at least one of the state’s many Great Lakes.

Outside the Law Quad at University of Michigan. k-Space CEO Darryl Barlett, R-DEC visitors, Kazuhito Matsuzaki and Kenji Takasu, and k-Space software manager, Jason Williams.

Semiconductor chips are critical components for computers and communications, as well as for automobiles, appliances, healthcare devices, and much more. Semiconductor companies, solar panel manufacturers, and others rely on k-Space metrology tools to help them improve their products and increase their output.

Our work is aided by the long-standing relationship we have with R-DEC, and with all our distributors and sales agents. They help make sure k-Space metrology tools are installed and supported around the world.

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