Template Analysis Now Available for Scanning BandiT Tools

kSA BandiT’s Scanning Detector Option provides an automated, motor-controlled detector for scanning the radius of a platen during rotation, which yields full wafer and platen temperature mapping in situ. Thermal uniformity profiles can be monitored at various thermocouple temperature setpoints and at various points in the grower’s device structure in order to help determine the best growth conditions. This is especially important when using substrate heaters with multiple filament heating zones.

The latest kSA BandiT software expands its mapping capabilities by offering user-defined analysis templates. This makes viewing the data and making decisions on growth parameter adjustments even easier. Customers can save the defined templates for each of their platens so that the same regions can be used for analysis each time, ensuring run-to-run analysis repeatability.
Moreover, the template data can be viewed and stored for each wafer individually so that BandiT data can be easily incorporated into your quality control systems. This a prime example of how kSA BandiT with mapping can help improve your production MBE and MOCVD process control.

Watch this video to see BandiT template analysis in action.

kSA BandiT Now Integrates with Veeco’s Molly and Riber’s Crystal XE

k-Space has expanded its communications capabilities with Riber’s Crystal XE and Veeco’s Molly control software. Using a predefined kSA BandiT equipment profile, customers can now view kSA BandiT data in Crystal XE or Molly in real-time, and can also record this data along with their other important growth parameters. This integration allows for quick and easy access to the wafer temperature measurement parameters provided by kSA BandiT during growth.

Customers now have access to band edge (temperature, fit confidence, wavelength), blackbody (temperature and goodness of fit), and broadband pyrometry (temperature) measurements with this integration. For BandiT systems equipped with BandiT multi-wafer software, both the Molly and Riber profiles allow customers to view data for each wafer or marker position as well.

Learn more about kSA BandiT and its communication capabilities here.

k-Space Welcomes Soma Perooly as a Product Development Engineer for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

k-Space is thrilled to announce our newest addition, Soma Perooly, to the team! Soma holds the position of product development engineer and focuses specifically on the Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) tool that k-Space is working on through an SBIR Phase II grant from the United States Department of Energy.

Soma has a PhD in Materials Science and postdoctoral work from Purdue University. In addition, he has metrology experience as well as industrial and application experience.

Soma feels that the reliability and performance of many electronic and opto-electronic devices by MBE and e-beam evaporation will increase substantially with in situ monitoring of the growth flux, which is possible with a state-of-the-art AAS tool.

“The production of a highly reliable, multi-channel AAS tool will be an exciting development and it will address an urgent need in many markets,” states Soma. “I am excited to be part of the very talented k-Space team that will bring this solution to market.”

The AAS instrument will provide real-time atomic flux measurements to enable high-accuracy film growth control during the deposition of a broad variety of thin-film materials. Continue to check www.k-space.com for further updates on the k-Space AAS tool.

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