kSA BandiT Covers Impressive Range of Temperatures

To show the wide range of materials and temperature ranges that the kSA BandiT tool can measure, we have put together a plot that shows temperature vs band edge wavelength for the various materials that the kSA BandiT can measure. 

The calibration curves show a summary of kSA BandiT calibration files for various material substrates, ranging from the ultraviolet to the near infrared. As our customers know, the kSA BandiT relies on our patented technique of directly measuring the band edge of the material and mapping this value to the absolute temperature of the material through the proper calibration curve. The kSA BandiT can measure substrate temperatures from approximately -250C all the way up to over 1000C (depending on the material). The graph shows the temperature vs. band gap dependence (as determined by the kSA BandiT) for AlN, Ga2O3, SiC (4H), GaN, SiC (6H), STO, ZnO, GaP, CZT, GaAs, InP, and Si. Note the cryogenic data for GaAs and InP, and the significant increase in slope as the temperature reaches cryogenic values. If you need a custom calibration for your kSA BandiT, contact k-Space. We can provide custom calibration files on an as-needed basis.

If you’d like more information on the kSA BandiT calibration process, please see the application note, kSA BandiT Temperature Calibration.

Valuable Information Available in Easy-to-Access Application Notes

Our website features over 30 application notes that provide valuable information on research and real-life applications of our product. Each product page includes an Application Notes section on the right sidebar, providing easy access to these documents. You can explore application notes on the following:

kSA 400 Analytic RHEED – There are four application notes, ranging from the basics of RHEED to the three methods the kSA 400 uses to calculate growth rate.

kSA BandiT for Temperature Measurement – The kSA BandiT has the largest selection of application notes, with 13 available. These range from specific material applications to the merits of the different types of measurement methods available with the kSA BandiT.

kSA BandiT PV for Thin-Film Process Monitoring – For the kSA BandiT PV (photovoltaic), there is an application note on thin-film process monitoring, as well as a poster from an NREL conference.

kSA MOS for Stress Measurement – The kSA MOS has five application notes, many of which were written by thin-film stress expert Eric Chason of Brown University. Jerry Floro of Sandia National Laboratories is also a contributor on two of the papers.

kSA MOS UltraScan for Ex-situ Stress Measurement – For the kSA MOS UltraScan/ThermalScan, there are three application notes available. These concentrate on patterned silicon wafers and curvature and scanning resolution.

kSA ICE (Integrated Control for Epitaxy) – There are three application notes for kSA ICE, including a popular one that discusses reflectivity for growth rate and emissivity-corrected pyrometry. There are application notes for both MOCVD and MBE systems.

kSA SpectR for Absolute Spectral Reflectance and End-point Detection  –  The newer product, kSA SpectR, has one application note, In situ Reflectivity for Growth Rate and Emissivity Corrected Pyrometry.

kSA ScanningPyro Scanning Pyrometry and kSA Emissometer for Wafer Carrier Emissivity  – Application Notes on characterization of carriers and growing wafers are available for both metrology tools.

kSA Industrial Metrology – There are additional application notes and case studies available for the glass, solar, automotive, and building products industries in the industrial metrology section of the website.

Is there an application note you would like to see? Email us at [email protected] to see if it’s available in our unpublished archives or if it’s something that we might be working on!

Happy Retirement to Kris Krueger

Kris is a familiar voice and name to many k-Space customers. For over twenty years, she has been a loyal, trustworthy, and valuable employee of k-Space, helping with all aspects of the business. She was one of the original four k-Space employees and has been a constant in customer interactions since the beginning. Recently, she helped name the new kSA Insight Plus viewport live video camera product. Sept. 30 is her last day as an official employee. She will enjoy her retirement with a new home in Tennessee and traveling. While we will miss her at k-Space, we wish her many happy years of retirement!

Chuck Taylor Celebrates 25 years with k-Space

In other k-Space milestone news, Chuck Taylor, k-Space product development manager, celebrated his 25th year with k-Space. He has helped make k-Space the leading provider of thin-film metrology solutions that it is today. 

Chuck is named on six patents with k-Space, including:

  • Curvature Metrology Tool with Closed Loop Feedback Control
  • Apparatus and Method for Real Time Measurement of Substrate Temperatures for Use in Semiconductor Growth and Wafer Processing
  • Blackbody Fitting for Temperature Determination
  • Thin Film Temperature Measurement Using Optical Absorption Edge Wavelength
  • Non-contact Optical Sensor for Synchronizing to Free Rotating Sample Plates with Asymmetry
  • Apparatus and Method for Real-time Measurement of Substrate Temperatures for Use in Semiconductor Growth and Wafer Processing. 

His wisdom and insight are invaluable. k-Space is so thankful to have such a talented engineer leading our product development, and we look forward to many more years of applying his innovation and talents to continue building on our success in future endeavors.

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