Another Great NAMBE Conference

k-Space was a sponsor of NAMBE 2023, the 37th North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy. This year’s event took place in lovely Madison, Wisconsin.

k-Space combines physics, optics, engineering, custom manufacturing, and software to create the world’s best metrology solutions. And our hands-on demonstrations of the kSA BandiT and kSA 400 proved to be big hits. Staff onsite answered all questions, including technical support questions for both new customers and long-time users of our metrology tools.

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Your Exact Color

Need to make sure every panel meets your exact color requirements? k-Space has added new color measurement capabilities to its line of glass inspection and defect detection tools.

The kSA Color Measurement tool measures the actual RGB pixel value and matches it against the known RGB pixel value. Glass and solar panel manufacturers are now assured that every glass panel will meet their unique color and tint requirements. Find out more here

Got Substrate?

Did you know? Along with our great thin-film and industrial metrology tools, we also offer a variety of metrology-related accessories, including beam alignment substrates. Contact our Sales team today with the quantity and diameter you need. 

Future Metrologists

An important aspect of America’s CHIPS and Science Act, and one that k-Space has long supported, is developing the next generation of STEM workers. One of the ways we do this is through our summer internship program.  

k-Space metrology tools combine physics, optics, engineering, software, and manufacturing. Making for the perfect on-the-job learning opportunity! Get to know this summer’s k-Space interns here

What’s Your Measurement Challenge?

Measurement challenges don’t only happen in the lab but also on the shop floor. That’s why at k-Space we design our metrology tools to be shop-floor ready from day 1. 

We work closely with each customer, building a solution for their unique measurement challenge—and one that fully integrates with their existing digital systems and physical layout. 

What’s your measurement challenge? Contact us anytime. Our technical teams are always happy to help solve your measurement needs. In fact, many of our metrology solutions began as custom efforts.

k-Space Korea Sales Rep Conquers Triathlon

Talk about a whirlwind visit to America! Following a recent visit to k-Space, Yong-Lae Ji (“Mr. Ji”), President of Jung Won Corporation, our Sales Rep in Korea, decided to compete in a triathlon.

He did, and finished with a smile on his face. That’s Mr. Ji after completing the Huntsville Sprint Triathlon.

Great job, Mr. Ji! 

Control Your Stress

Need to control your stress? Great news. The kSA MOS is a tested and proven solution built to measure and provide feedback for:

– curvature

– growth rate

– reflectivity

– stress

The kSA MOS is a complete curvature and film stress measurement system, and with fully integrated software and imaging tools.  

Note the region contour plot image below. Here, the kSA MOS image analysis tool plots contour lines on top of the original image to delineate changes in intensity. The different intensities are separated by the yellow lines in the plot.

Hands On

As Steve Jobs said, “there’s a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product.”  

It’s through the daily efforts of our physicists, engineers, technicians and builders—all collaborating everyday, on-site—that enables k-Space to deliver the highest-quality thin-film and industrial metrology products all around the world. We’ve been putting light to work for over 30 years. And our patented metrology tools are referenced in hundreds of research papers.

Check out the cool drone flythrough above to get an inside look at our testing, design, and production facilities.  

Picture Day

And, finally…Just like going back at school!

k-Space continues to grow and we decided it was time for new staff photos. We brought in professional photographer, Jordan Buzzy, and our in-house drone operator (and Support team manager, Jason Owen), to take pictures of the entire k-Space staff and facilities.

Shown above is the k-Space production team taking a short break in between building and shipping out your metrology tool.  

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Thin Film and Industrial Metrology Systems

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