k-Space is known for listening to customers when they make a request for a product improvement. One of our thin-film industrial customers requested that the kSA Insight Plus have more degrees of freedom than the original version. We made the modifications for the customer and have released these changes in the kSA Insight Plus at the same price as the original design.

The kSA Insight Plus allows researchers and operators to view their wafers and platen in real-time from within the k-Space software. The imaging system uses a high-resolution color or monochrome camera and is plug-and-play compatible with all k-Space thin-film metrology software. We also offer an LED light ring option to illuminate the inside of your chamber and make the video viewing clear and bright.

This tool is designed to help thin-film researchers and production facilities see the inside of their chamber better so that they know what is happening with their sample. To learn more, email [email protected] or view the product specifications for kSA Insight Plus viewport live video tool.

Thin Film and Industrial Metrology Systems

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