Another Great Reason You Should Upgrade to the Latest BandiT Software

kSA BandiT users, if you also use Riber’s Crystal XE we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of the BandiT software.

By upgrading to the latest BandiT version, you can view and record BandiT results in Crystal XE (Riber’s reactor control software) right alongside your other process variables, and in real-time.

This integration allows for quick access to the various wafer temperature measurement parameters provided by kSA BandiT.

Contact our Support team to get started.  

Is it Art? Or a Glass Defect?

In fact, it’s a close-up of a very small glass break in a glass panel, made visible thanks to our Glass Inspection metrology tools.

Alerting an operator that their glass or solar panel may have a defect saves them big on time and money–and greatly improves customer satisfaction (and shop floor safety). 

Fun fact. We turned the image above into a giant canvas wrap that now hangs in our office.  

Our Newest Glass Metrology Tools

k-Space is a global leader in both thin-film and industrial metrology. Here’s two new industrial metrology tools.  

Barcode Inspection

The Barcode Inspection metrology tool confirms the number, location and dimensions of laser-etched barcodes on each glass panel before coating. And alerts operators if the barcode is wrong, out of place, or something else is amiss.

This simple solution has a big impact, especially for high-volume makers of glass and solar panels.  

Color Calibration

k-Space has also added new color calibration functions to its line of glass inspection and defect detection tools. The kSA Color Calibration tool measures the actual RGB pixel value and matches it against the known RGB pixel value.

Glass manufacturers can now be assured that every glass panel meets their unique color requirements.

Clear solutions, big impact.

Where in the World is k-Space?

k-Space tools are in at least 44 countries, and over 1,000 installations. And the more people who use our products, the more evangelists we have.

Recently, we demo’d our thin-film metrology tools at CS MANTECH in Orlando, Florida. And k-Space distributor Jung Won Corporation (JWC) demo’d the kSA MOS at the Korea Physical Society spring meeting.

k-Space Sales Engineer Chipo Mulaisho made the trip to Korea to help out JWC at the exhibit (shown below).

For a list of where k-Space and our distributors will be exhibiting, visit our Events page. 

Industrial Framing

k-Space industrial metrology tools measure surface quality, edge grind, glass breakage, spectral reflectance, film thickness, color and much more.

With our custom framing options, these tools seamlessly integrate into virtually any production environment — no matter the size or type of your panel or part.

Interested in learning how our custom framing options enable you to start testing immediately? Email one of our friendly sales technicians.

The CHIPS and Science Act

The CHIPS & Science Act promises billions of dollars in grants, funds, and other support to expand semiconductor manufacturing throughout America.

k-Space has already experienced an uptick in sales and inquires following passage of the CHIPS Act. What about you? Has the CHIPS and Science Act impacted your organization? 

To learn more about the CHIPS and Science Act, a good place to start is the CHIPS Act website.

Made in Michigan

k-Space was happy to host AP Calculus students from nearby Dexter High School. This is an annual tradition here at k-Space. 

Over 2 days, our physicists and engineers explained the importance of metrology, the growth in the compound semiconductor market, and the value of combining science, software, technology, and manufacturing to help build a more prosperous future. 

The students impressed us with their knowledge and focus. 

Putting light to work. And supporting the next generation!

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